• Joud Villas Within the burgeoning development of        Al Jarf on the Emirates coastline between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, it offers a choice of 3, 5 and 7 bedrooms with different areas.

This modern project is characterized by its architectural design and modern style. It is independent, open and inspired by the rich traditions of Arab houses. It consists of a square, a board and chairs with modern designs and elegant interior and exterior finishes. It is surrounded by palm trees, mustard flowers and shrubs. The wildlife provides a comfortable environment.

• Residents and visitors can also access recreational and cultural platforms with great views of the canal and water, including the palace, the palace, the health clinic, the resort, and the Tidal canal.

• Joud Villas are equipped with excellent facilities and luxury features to suit a luxurious lifestyle, where residents can swim from the pool to the gym. Residents can also enjoy various retail outlets, restaurants and cafes in the main shopping destinations of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

• Main facilities:

• Wide open space

• Private beach

• Private Marina

• Global-level infrastructure

•Turtles reserve.

• A length of 4.3 km is suitable for swimming

• World class spa

• Children’s play area


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